Taichi, which was practiced by Qing Dynasty’s royal family and their bodyguards, is sport and a method for nourishing health, sport, self-defense, and the Tao of life, for everyone.

What is Taichi?


Taichi Chuan martial art had been often practiced by royal family of Qing Dynasty and their security guards. It is commonly practiced internal Chinese martial arts for both of health benefits and sef-defense training for everybody.  Taichi Chuan does not require a large place, a large amount of time, any weapon, and any special place to practice. However, it does need a steady and a sincere practice, like quoted in old Chinese literature, saying “The movement of heaven is sincere and a man of virtue keeps and never stops calming oneself down, emulating the heaven’s sincere movement”.  The beauty of virtue is to bring a state of mental calmness and clarity and sound body by practicing hard. A sound body is a home where one’s real soul stays. Like the people is able to stay safely and comfortably in sturdy home, a healthy body is able to provide a peaceful and safe place to human beings. In old Chinese saying, “a healthy soul rests in a healthy body..”   Soft, calm and slow movements of Taichi Chuan promote the circulation of blood and energy and metabolism of body. It makes a better healthy body by instilling new energy and activating each organs of body as well. In addition, it improves thinking and focusing capability through internal practice and it brings to find real oneself in peace and calmness by having positive attitude.  Apart from other martial arts that heavily consume own energy by strenuous exercises and that lead into aging by creating free radicals, Taichi Chuan is an exercise that brings back the youthfulness by calming down and accumulating  energy. The effects of these efforts will be emerging in old age, quoting the words of Confucius that “ the distinction between a pine tree and deciduous tree turns when a winter comes.”

Message from Founder, Lee Chan


We are living in the world where there are many diseases, the society is in disorder, the environment is getting contaminated and the life is becoming meaningless so that the decrepitude, death, diseases and stresses are never gone away. To overcome the chain of the pains, we have to follow the truth and virtue of what old Saints and Masters had thought and pursued through their entire lives. There should not be any difference on realizing the truth and virtue between East and West, old times and modern times.

I am very delighted to present to you “Taichi Chuan”, establishing the first taichi chuan practicing center, “Lee Chan Taichi Chuan Center” with my mission to propagate in Korea, that has been passed down the generation with virtue and great skills.

I have been encouraged and supported by my many acquaintances and friends, including my colleagues who had been practicing martial arts, and the directors of Korea Taichi Chuan Association, to come up with the opening of this Taichi Chuan Center.

I’m deeply moved as the founder of “Korea Taichi Chuan Association” on creating the home pages of the web site along with the digital communication era after opening of “Lee Chan Taichi Chuan Center” in Korea. I am very much thankful as well for everybody who has shared the responsibility and duty on the improvement and propagation of Taichi Chuan.

Although the evil is strong and the good is weak in this world, I wish you healthy long lives by learning the philosophy of the Saints and stimulation of circulation of energy and blood stream via practicing Taichi Chuan so as to realize the softness by practicing energy. In addition, be more flexible and brave on every human events by developing great spirit. I also wish you to achieve prestige by practicing Taichi Chuan, following the virtue of precious treasure of Taichi Chuan as a lifetime virtue that allows protecting yourself via owning perfect body like steel that wards off any imminent threats.

 Taichi Class

– Lee Chan Taichi Center

Mon.~Fri.: A.M 6:30 ~ P.M. 10:00
Sat.: A.M 9:00 ~ P.M. 4:00

If you want to enroll or ask any questions, send an e-mail to musehan@empas.com

If you can speak Korean, call here-> 02) 596-1581

 The lineage

The 1st generation  : Yang Luchan
The 2nd generation: Yang Jianhou
The 3rd generation : Yang Chengfu
The 4th generation : Cheng Man-Ching
The 5th generation : Chu Hong-Ping
The 5th generation : Tan Ching Ngee
The 6th generation : Lee Chan



B1 Junggok Building, 15, Beobwon-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Lee Chan Taichi Center

From Seoul National University of Education Station (Second Line-green, Third Line-orange), walk for 4~5 minutes to Junggok Building (Shin Han Bank in the 1st. floor)