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  What is Taichi?

Taichi Chuan


 Taichi Chuan is the internal life energy martial art that can acquire and learn easily and definitely the principles of small circulation universe of a body that the internal energy circulates in a whole body via vertical blood stream behind central a body and upstream of blood from lower part of body to upper part of body in front of body. It is a unique sport that can obtain the same effects simultaneously of meditation, low part abdomen breathing, mountain climbing and any self-defense skills.
Taichi Chuan Story 

Taichi Chuan martial art had been often practiced by royal family of Qing Dynasty and their security guards. It is commonly practiced internal Chinese martial arts for both of health benefits and sef-defense training for everybody.  Taichi Chuan does not require a large place, a large amount of time, any weapon, and any special place to practice. However, it does need a steady and a sincere practice, like quoted in old Chinese literature, saying “The movement of heaven is sincere and a man of virtue keeps and never stops calming oneself down, emulating the heaven’s sincere movement”.
The beauty of virtue is to bring a state of mental calmness and clarity and sound body by practicing hard. A sound body is a home where one’s real soul stays. Like the people is able to stay safely and comfortably in sturdy home, a healthy body is able to provide a peaceful and safe place to human beings. In old Chinese saying, a healthy soul rests in a healthy body..
Soft, calm and slow movements of Taichi Chuan promote the circulation of blood and energy and metabolism of body. It makes a better healthy body by instilling new energy and activating each organs of body as well. In addition, it improves thinking and focusing capability through internal practice and it brings to find real oneself in peace and calmness by having positive attitude.

Apart from other martial arts that heavily consume own energy by strenuous exercises and that lead into aging by creating free radicals, Taichi Chuan is an exercise that brings back the youthfulness by calming down and accumulating  energy. The effects of these efforts will be emerging in old age, quoting the words of Confucius that the distinction between a pine tree and deciduous tree turns when a winter comes.
 What Taichi Chuan gives us in our life?
Taichi Chuan gives an opportunity to live longer and enjoy healthier life by promoting the circulation of energy and blood and healthy bones and muscles via internal practicing and calm movements.
For the people who seek a self-defense purpose, Taichi Chuan allows the accomplishment of high standard of martial arts, providing the softness suppresses the hardness and the calmness dominates the movement.
 For the people who seek a mind-control purpose, Taichi Chuan offers peacefulness and calmness so that one is able to find the reality of oneself and a self-realization eventually.
Taichi Chuan contains broadly not only the characteristics of health, medical and martial arts but the opportunity to learn the wisdom of life that cannot be acquired from external martial arts.

The virtue in life, Taichi Chuan

In terms of practicing mind, growing energy and the meditation, Taichi Chuan have a same meaning. But Taichi Chuan offers more wisdom of life between people to us. We can see many cases that old monks who had disciplined for many years in a cave or deep in the mountain failed to balance in-between people or yin and yang.
Human beings can not live alone in deep mountains. Taichi Chuan teaches the truth in life, like a river that runs in quite into the sea, as human beings live in this competitive world.
One can have a true free life in this world, once you are able to learn and accomplish, through Taichi Chuan, how to discourage any threat, challenge, and insult by smile, how not to lose a balance and calmness among any dispute and criticism, how to let others realize their faults by themselves in everyday life.

Natural Internal life energy practice & science

Static life energy practice that consumes life energy usually brings many problems due to the fixed and static posture. For example, sitting up straight for long time causes to block the circulation of blood and to spend the energy deliberately in adverse effect for circulation of the life energy in static mode. This causes life energy to be stuck in a body.
Taichi Chuan was designed to correct and supplement the weak points above. Taichi Chuan requires the body to be relaxed, easing the body muscles and remembering but not aggravating the life energy. “Straighten up backbone or spines. Put down shoulders and let the hands to fall down. Relax the chest and extend the back of body. Carry out to circulate life energy with mind and move the body by life energy.” Equipped with these essential meanings, move slow and practice. Along with these movements, one can breathe deeply and longer. The life energy will rest on lower part of the abdomen and it will circulate in a whole body.
However, it would be misunderstood that one does not understand the ways of how to breathe and how to practice the life energy, if one emphasizes only essential meanings or guidelines, not stressing out the ways of how to breathe and practice the life energy. But breathing may be longer and shorter, depending upon the movements. The life energy may or may not rest on the lower part of abdomen, relying on the right or wrong movements or postures. And it may or may not be circulated in a whole body. In addition, the life energy is circulating according to the human mind and the life energy will be changing if one changes its mind so that one does not need to stick to the life energy itself.

In fact, the essential meanings of Taichi Chuan are focused on practicing the life energy so that steady practicing of Taichi Chuan with essential meanings would lead naturally into effective practice of life energy. That’s why Taich Chuan is called as natural internal life energy science. Therefore, there is none like Taichi Chuan that it could not be compared with other static martial arts or practices which requires only seeking the life energy itself, not having active movements of body, in terms of health benefits and achievements. Taichi Chuan is like swimming in the air and dynamic mediated virtue.
Taichi Chuan & women

ŷƮ ̹̿  ±ر º ڼThe strength and the weakness of nation and people depend upon the strength of women’s health as well. If woman is so healthy and active, her children become healthy and strong. But if woman is not healthy enough, her children become unhealthy. When seeding in the soil, fertile land returns a rich harvest, but if the land is not fertile, the land returns a poor harvest.
If the parents lead their children in their family for their health, the children naturally learn and enjoy the ways to live so that it would be so helpful for their health and improving the characteristics of each family member.
Considering above, women need to exercise regularly and should not work too hard. As Taichi Chuan emphasizes on softness, calmness, lightness and the beauty, it is quite suitable for women’s constitution and it is superior to any other sports.

Regardless of age or sex, there is none like Taichi Chuan to have healthy mind and body and to protect from the disease. Taichi Chuan helps people to make mind and body healthy and to provide a stimulus in life-living.

(Translated by Jung Hoon Park)